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Victor Krauss is OK! - Live @ Dragon Park - Nashville

>> 6/14/10

Nashville is one of the few cities in the US where you can catch a great show any day of the week.  This past Sunday was no exception as we met some friends at Dragon park to catch one of the FREE! 2010 Dragon Music Sunday Concerts put on by the Nashville Metro Parks.  This week's artist was one of the best bass players around (IMO) Victor Krauss and his band.   

Victor Krauss stands on his own as a musician and a bass player, besides being the brother of Alison Krauss (who was also in attendance along with their parents and her son).  I first heard about Victor from my friend Tim "TIIIMMMMYY!" Shirley who introduced me to the album Far From Enough (2004).  That album includes legendary jazz guitarist Bill Frisell and Jerry Douglas (among others), along with Victor's sister Alison Krauss appearing on a couple of tracks including a strong version of Robert Plant's Big Log.

The entire album is "OK" for kids to enjoy as most of it is instrumental, but my experience has shown that kids lack the patience for instrumental music. But for those that do like instrumental, ambient Jazz they will love it.  If you have tweens or teens that are into jazz i would give it a spin and if nothing else add it to you personal collection.  A five star album indeed.


Far from EnoughII  

 Notes if you are attending the 2010 Dragon Park Concert Series:
It's hot.  Really hot!  Dress and plan accordingly.
The main act always starts around 4-4:20P so note the time when you are planning your day. 
There was plenty of shade, not a lot of people and plenty of  playground fun to be had by all. 
Dragon Park is also Fannie Mae Dees Park directly across the street from Vanderbilt.



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